Go! Just do something, anything

Leave Maine or you’ll come to an end
Join Boston for a delay
Jennifer Lopez sang songs to be Puerto Rican in the Bronx
Well, ruminate over the dollar bills
No, they are 50 cents at the lowest
Honk the horn and they will drive with rage
or they’ll think you’re horny.
Have you figured out that 10% is not a tip?

Here’s a clue to the mystery-
we’re all the same with different covers.

That’s all

Now throw it in reverse and pay some cocky hot shot to help you
we apparently like the arrogant
Lay your hands on me and I spin
Around when leaving.
and all through the night, visions of sugar
and candy danced next to the dollar signs in their heads.
Just mix the tofu in with food you like
common sense goes a long way
Just forget your fears and try new things
Wheat grass fights cancer but you have to ingest first
“Out of your mouth comes the power of life and death”
So, fill it with guacamole and listen for a change.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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