Deep Fried Love

I like what is natural, what is healthy
And I know that I stand alone on this because this
world is an assembly line of what is called love

From every angle comes the disdain, the incredulity:
You didn’t hook up in the city of love, it’s been how long?
I guess I went to the wrong restaurant.

The man I order has to be made by hand
and he isn’t on discount
He’s the kind of man you revere
You become a reflection of Pygmalion.

No one should be wrapped in cheap packaging sitting on a hot plate
waiting around to be devoured
With my love, it’ll take more than a drive thru to get us together.
If I want some deep-fried, succulent goodness, then
I’ve crumbled under the pressure.

I saw a man approach the counter and meet with a burger
He took her home, promised to call then gave his number to the fries.
I had to take my salad and leave when I saw a woman do the same thing.
She learned from watching the man, only she got a full sized meal.

The salad cannot even be in the same place, and neither can I.
Anytime I waver, my head tells me to be strong and patient
Desires will be met within and at the right time with someone who cares.
Love should never be quick and easy or come with a toy.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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