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Genealogical Interview: Vicki’s Legacy – The Next Series 2 of 2

Here is the the second and final interview on memories from my mother. Here is the first interview if you missed it. Everyone has memories from high school. What were your major memories and experiences that you haven” discussed yet? Maybe senior year and baby Rebecca? My senior year, I had Becky so I didn’t […]

Genealogical Interview: Vicki’s Legacy – The Next Series

Well, here we are again, back with Mom. She has so much living to share and so many readers interested in her memories so she is getting another series! Part One of Two Any favorite songs growing up that you still remember? Some of my favorite songs when I was a kid were the ones […]

Genealogical Interview: Rebecca’s Legacy

Mom had you when she was 17-years-old. Her mom gently brought up the possibility of abortion and Mom declined. So you were an unexpected baby but a wanted baby. What does that mean to you? Well, for a long time I associated “unexpected” with as being “unwanted.” One day, I had the realization that unexpected […]

Genealogical Interview: Dave’s Legacy – The Original

Where were you born? Exeter, New Hampshire in a taxi cab. What are some of your earliest memories? Living in foster homes. Good memories were camping, skipping school to go fishing by myself at five-years-old. I didn’t know what I was doing was wrong. I didn’t know how to swim. I had a father who […]

Genealogical Interview: Aaron and Zoe’s Legacy – The Beginning

This second interview in the family tree is with my niece and nephew, Zoe and Aaron. You’ll learn about their individual characters in just a few questions and answers. This was so fun to do and I laughed a lot. It was hard to do because everyone kept interrupting Aaron. He especially hates when his […]

Genealogical Interview: Vicki’s Legacy Part Three

Part Three of Three (Click to read Part One or Part Two) How old were you when you began dating? The summer before my 8th grade, our church, Fellowship Baptist, was playing in a baseball league. Grampy Ron (Dad) was the umpire. I can’t remember exactly how it went but basically I was noticed by both […]

Genealogical Interview: Vicki’s Legacy Part Two

Part Two of Three (Click here to read Part One)   What did your family, as a whole, do for fun? What did you hate doing? Share some memories and stories. Well the easiest question is the last one. What did we hate doing – visiting my grandparents but even more so, my stepmother Peggy. […]

Genealogical Interview: Vicki’s Legacy Part One

The point of this series is to interview, document and learn more about family. This first interview in the family tree is starting with my mom, Vicki. Her desire is to share her personal history with her children, grandchildren and future generations. Hopefully, they learn from her mistakes and share in her many blessings.   […]