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Creative Writing: The Shield

The Shield Over the castle fireplace lays a sturdy but mangled shield The shield is worn, cracked, and scarred Its planks so warped, they look like handholds The wood shield does not shine like those of bronze or iron, But is respected for its survival and reliability its given nature.   While other shields are […]

Aurora in the Evening Sky

Small circular stars sit and twinkle in the sky; thinking, blinking. The small white sun grows brilliantly turning and growing in the atmosphere red and orange. Visions of arrant ruby reds, plus purples and emerald greens that stain the sky can be seen from afar. While wishful comets fly by tiny clouds form breathless angel […]

Poetry: Beyond the Mirror

Beyond the Mirror During your time on this planet, while participating in this earth school Remember the days when you looked in the mirror not knowing your own face. You are leading those who feel valueless and unworthy, seeing in the mirror the shadow of life; a ghoul. Lean on mercy and truth. How else […]

Poetry: Taking a Walk

Taking a simple walk The smell of sand and rocks Uneven terrain, cracked pavement, trampled grass Why walk when you can run? Why run when you can fly? But don’t get ahead, stay present and have fun Enjoy the walk while it’s still a simple walk Now it’s time, pick up the pace! Past the […]