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Sarah is a positive, enthusiastic person with a deep passion for content and taking care of the user community. I always enjoyed our interaction and the perspective that Sarah brought. –Peter Degen-Portnoy

Sarah is a fast learner and a total team player. She embraces the opportunity to work with new and unfamiliar technologies and processes. Sarah continually interacted with other cross-departmental staff members, informing them of her issues and ideas, and gleening the same from them in a positive, insightful, and professional manner. She in turn applied much of this information creatively and diligently in her daily Customer Service and CRM management duties, effectively increasing the quality of service provided to many strategic customers and website users.

Sarah possesses an uncanny ability to remain upbeat and positive even during highly stressful work situations. She maintains a ‘can-do’ attitude and is ready and able to perform impromptu, mission-critical tasks whenever asked to do so. –Greg Arsenault

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah at Helium for 9 months. During this time, I thoroughly enjoyed her company and unique perspective. She is both friendly and outgoing – qualities that allowed her to immediately integrate at Helium. It is for these reasons that I am pleased to highly recommend Sarah. –Jason Rozen