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I’m so glad you’re here. My mission is to share some insight and perspective with you while entertaining you a little. As we march through this life together, learning about my readers is an absolute joy, not just because I write stuff but because we all have lives worth sharing and collaboration is key in any relationship – digital or in person.

Before you jump to another page, let me share something else…

You are fearfully and wonderfully made: Remember this!
Fearfully and wonderfully made graphic by Sarah Lacey ViguePonder what it means to be truly and fully human.

Your potential reaches beyond the human spirit and into a glorious relationship with the Divine.

To be worth such a bond, isn’t an esoteric concept. You were loved, sacrificed for, and made new – before you even existed. You are so valued that you were planned and loved from the very beginning. This is your “True Self.” Who you are is a child adopted by the Sovereign God. You are important.

Wonder what it would look like if God loved you as much as He loved is Son. Could He ever love you that much?

Through Christ, you are set free. And you’re not just free in the general sense – you are free to be exactly who you were ALWAYS meant to be. You are free to be internally and externally beautiful, smart, loved without conditions, funny, stunning, joyous, uniquely you, kind, intelligent… Because of Jesus, you are clothed in righteousness, all you have to do, is turn to Him and not the world. Him, you can trust. People who fell short and couldn’t or wouldn’t be there for you, you just can’t rely on them. And, you don’t have to earn it, you simply can’t. You can’t earn someone’s love when you don’t even know what love is.

God given beauty nestled within the Lord’s protective wings Sarah Vigue MerediblyThe craftsmanship that it took to make you who you are should be obvious, and people should appreciate the beauty in us all. As we learn to see true beauty in ourselves and others, the more true and authentic beauty will garner healthy, unsoiled, and pure attention. The roles you play and the jobs you do won’t change you God given beauty in any way, once you are nestled within the Lord’s protective wings.

If the quality of your character depended on your daily or mood or the critiques of the world around you, it would not be your rock solid identity, unwavering in adversity. Your character would not have value. How could such an unreliable, subjective things be of substance?

Identity doesn’t have to be always winning, always accomplishing. Our bodies need rest. Everybody has a true self. Skill and training have nothing to do with it, though. It’s innate. But the majority doesn’t understand what it’s buying into when human value is pushed aside. Even a baby in the womb is a living, functioning human with a blessed identity that matters!

Just because life is messy and the future unknown, doesn’t mean that WE are messy or unseen. The Maker of the universe delights in us as He puts the stars on hold to watch us grow.Maker of the universe delights in us sarah l vigue

Love god and love people; self-love and self-respect will come. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself because self-help tells you to put an elephantine amount of effort into growing your self-esteem. Whether you like what you see in the mirror or what you feel when you touch your body, whether you feel like a loser or like you have no reason to feel so empty and unfulfilled, you are so precious that Jesus was brutally tortured and murdered to save you. AND HE DID!

Because of His death and resurrection, you are free to listen to the murmurings of your heart and be in relationship with The Most High God. Just being in His shadow means Love, Power, Hope, Justice, Strength, Faith, and Worthiness that in beyond comparison. I don’t even have to argue with you about what this means for you to understand your “True Identity.”

When Jesus forever changed the world, He changed everything including your destiny. You get to live in this world with the old scales removed from your eyes. You get to see Truth. That’s no small thing! Inside you and every person that reads this is unexpected, continuous regenerating strength and a solid foundation of your rightful place in life. If you get into your God-intended position, you can change the world.

Guess what, butter cup…

Special love from the Father Sarah Lacey Vigue

To the Father, being equal to others doesn’t mean that you are without significance or without a special love.

You are special. You are worthy, not worthless. You are something and not nothing. THIS is who you are.

Hold every thought captive and challenge every thought because you know lies creep into your mind. They might be your own, they might not. Their origination doesn’t really matter in the end. They have life crippling potential. To be a child of The Most High God means that you are cherished and adored and never alone. No animal, plant, or supernatural spirit can compare. When you remember who you truly are, you glorify God and magnify His love.

You have everything you need, right this minute, to be whom you need to be. You don’t need more support, better behavior, fewer issues… It’s time to face your “average life” and your “average self” and wrestle it into submission – and you don’t have to do this alone. Remember how valuable I just said you were? You’re a big deal so it’s not cheating to ask God for help, even if you’re not a Christian. Christ followers ask for help all the time. That’s more than okay. Changing one’s habits and thoughts is hard enough. When one is alone, how much harder is that? How unnecessary!

So ask the Lord for help. I love in the Book of Hosea where the Lord explains how He draws us close with such affection. The texts reads:

“But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.” Hosea Sarah Lacey Vigue

“But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.” (Hosea 2:14 NLT)

Do you want to be someone living free or focused on trying to do the right thing and being good enough? I think that since you can do anything through a real live relationship with Christ, you should focus on that.

Your “True Value” will grow evident. The glow on your countenance will show what a masterpiece you are!

Prevalent ideologies of “the self” are too modern – they are cut-off from tradition and culture. Looking within so often means not looking around. There isn’t just a community (the ecclesia) that needs and loves you. There is someone enough for you to buy you from where you were headed – the slavery of Hell. Just read the Book of Hosea for proof.

Your “Pure Identity” comes straight from your spirit. Take it, it’s there. It’s in your reach. Hang on to it. Thank God for it. When you think something lesser fits you better, remember this:

You are capable of much more.

Don’t limit yourself because you’re putting limits on God and His work.

PS. I created a LETTER OF ENCOURAGEMENT that you can download for FREE! Grab the free PDF here and remember to save it as a Bookmark so you can return to it when you need to realign and recoup.