Genealogical Interview: Aaron and Zoe’s Legacy – The Beginning

This second interview in the family tree is with my niece and nephew, Zoe and Aaron. You’ll learn about their individual characters in just a few questions and answers. This was so fun to do and I laughed a lot. It was hard to do because everyone kept interrupting Aaron. He especially hates when his sister interrupts him!. He had just turned 12 when doing this. Such a blast!


Aaron tongue marshmallow

Aaron, what is your favorite name or term of endearment?

What does that mean?

It’s like a nickname or things people call you like sweetie or your favorite names like Aaron or John.

My favorite nickname would have to be Chumbok because it is my alien name.

Yeah, that is pretty cool. I really like the way you say it. How did you get your names – first name, middle name, and last name AND do you think you were named after someone else?

I don’t remember how I got my first name. I got my middle name from someone, like a relative, and I got my last name from my parents. I do not believe I got it from anyone else… except for my middle name.

Nana says, “You got your first name from one of your mom’s cousins from her [Nana’s] second marriage and obviously the little boy’s name was Aaron. Your mom [Becca] liked that name and it’s so much better than Kenaniah which was what she was going to name you originally.” 


Aaron, when and where were you born?Aaron Tiger Fierce Nana

I was born from my mom. It was in Portland Maine. [Nana interrupts] “I know why Aaron was born in Portland. Because that’s where his mother was and he wanted to be close to his mom. Zoe says the local hospital sucks.”

[Laughter. Audible sigh] Aaron, your parents, and grandparents, what religion were they and are they today.

They are Christians to me. They go to church and it’s an awesome church and to me, it’s the best there is.

What was your first home and describe it.

I don’t remember. We lived on the second floor and there wasn’t a lot of space from all of what we had there. I don’t remember anything about it except for the inside which all connected to one big room to me. Plus all the doors that led to other rooms.

Describe your current home and tell us what you think of it.Zoe Aaron Mom Stonehenge USA 1

My current home is a two-sided apartment. To me, it’s small but it is both comfortable and it works for me. The yard is small and has some grass with a little shed, which I think is pretty cool, yeah. I think that it’s cool because my sister can boost me up onto the shed roof and I see the whole backyard from a pretty good view actually. Today I’m going to see if I can boost my sister up onto the shed.

What are your earliest childhood memories or your favorite one? Can you think of a few?

I don’t remember. My mom told me that I used to throw sippy cups at my sister. I also remember being in baseball and having a few pretty good plays, like I hit my first home run but I got to second base.  I also remember catching a ball as the batter tried to hit it but it slipped past them and I caught it and then I fell over!

One final time is I remember when one of the players was heading home and the pitcher threw it just in time and it was very dusty for a few seconds but when it cleared everyone was looking for the baseball but it turned out it was in the chest plate. I remember one time, I was talking to my coach and then I turned around and Zoe Aaron Mom Stonehenge USA 2the next thing I knew, that baseball was in my face. Luckily for me, I was the catcher and I had the face guard mask.

Awesome, dude. Good job.

Zoe, what is your favorite name or term of endearment?

Roxas, that’s my favorite name. I don’t have a favorite nickname.

How did you get your first, middle, and last names?

From my mother. All I know is I got my name from my mother. Who else would I get them from?!

When and where were you born?

In Portland, in 2005 at a hospital.
Zoe Goggle Auntie Sarah
What was your first house? Describe it.

It was before I was even born so I don’t know.

When was your baptism and can you describe the results?

I barely remember.

What kind of music do you like?

Music on video games like, “Simple and Clean” – the intro music to Kingdom Hearts.

Give us an example.

So the name of the song is, “Simple and Clean” and before that was, “My Sanctuary.” It’s like it’s slow in the beginning and then gets fast like in the semi-middle and then in the middle it like goes like fast, medium, fast, slow. Yes, and in the semi-middle (basically in the middle) the tempo is slow then fast through the middle and then, in the end, it got slow again. It’s not a Christian song but one I heard it from Kingdom Hearts number two in the beginning.

What is something you would like people to know about you, Zoe?

I’m sassy and mean and everything in between!

Which is your favorite teacher at school?

Mrs. Hidrick because she was nice. I don’t like Mr. Hall because he’s mean and he tells people to shut up and he made my friend cry. At the parent-teacher conference, he acted all innocent but the next day he acted all mean and crap.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?Sarah Zoe Ostrich Egg

At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. I would be at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean because most people treat me like I’m not even here.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a street racer. A street racer is somebody who races in the street and it’s illegal and then the cops chase after you. Yeah, maybe motorcycles, go-karts no no no no no no no no no no no. I won’t race those.

Would you rather be a bullfrog or a butterfly?

I would rather be neither.

Would you rather be a dog or a cat?

A dog, I know that already because dogs can run faster but not all the time though.

So you like running fast?

Yeah because it doesn’t make me feel like a tortoise and then I’d be food for other animals. Yup.Nana Vicki Zoe Aaron

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