Genealogical Interview: Vicki’s Legacy Part Two

Part Two of Three   What did your family, as a whole, do for fun? What did you hate doing? Share some memories and stories. Well the easiest question is the last one. What did we hate doing – visiting my grandparents but even more so, my stepmother Peggy. If you wanted to see Grandpa…read more

Genealogical Interview: Vicki’s Legacy Part One

The point of this series is to interview, document and learn more about family. This first interview in the family tree is starting with my mom, Vicki. Her desire is to share her personal history with her children, grandchildren and future generations. Hopefully, they learn from her mistakes and share in her many blessings.  …read more

Our American Buffalo

The American Buffalo, also known as Bison, is the largest American land animal. Despite their great size, they can run between 35 and 40 mph. That means they can out run horses over short periods of time and they can sprint triple the speed of humans. American Bison also have similar lifespans to a horse…read more

Can You Solve this Riddle

Try your hand at solving the riddle below. If you’re good at riddles, time yourself to add an extra degree of suspense. Here it goes: My first letter is in tertiary but not in rifle My second is in precipitation but not in epicenter My third is in tea but not in coffee My fourth is in chromatin…read more

Why I’m Intrigued by Grizzly Bears

1.) A grizzly bear is a lumbering beast and is fascinating when it runs and fights other bears. Their muscle, fat and fur have a mesmerizing ripple with each forceful blow. You may not notice this when watching bears stalk their prey or fight because they’re so ferocious. I consider them as aggressive and predatorial…read more

A Point to Ponder

A Church Sacrament is an outward sign of grace. There is this sacramental idea that marriage, though not one of the Lord’s sacraments, is still an important sacrament and has an ordo salutis (Latin for order of salvation) as the other sacraments do. An example might be: When we are emptied of ourselves, our egos. After…read more

Writing and Healing Journal Entry – 2015

I figured out why God is having me write a memoir. I also went to the healing ministry last night at the Anglican church and told the father/priest that I had felt like God was giving me the gift of forgiveness last week. I was in bed praying and the sun shone through the window…read more

Mental Meandering

Even when I wander from God, he sees me on my journey and patches up the holes I tend to fall into. I took being a Christian for several months before I even noticed that the pits I fall into are much shallower than they used to be. It’s only when I’m at the bottom…read more

Confession: I Find the Occult Absurd

EXCLUSIVE: World is ‘about to be told ALIENS EXIST and are HERE on EARTH’ The above article actually has a poll where the majority of readers think that Donald Trump will unveil the existence of space aliens. My laughter at extraterrestrial nonsense is only something I can do now that I’m comfortable with whom I am….read more


“The real artist with no tear in his eye and no sadness in his heart puts the pages in the fire and does it again.” Harry Crews An accomplished writer with experience writing for print catalogs, online magazines and community journalism, including a solid background writing for the web. I am a Francophile and content/marketer…read more

I am

My arm is on my lap. I am stuck in a place that has no restraints. I am waiting in a line in a crowded cafeteria impatient and worrisome. Do I write him off? Or do I just love all over him, his lips, his back, his soul. I am writing and running errands and…read more

It’s Time

Tick, tock; the echo of the clock the chiming, rhyming repetitiously against the hour it’s white elegant face, round and smooth, yet, counting away pleasures steadfastly. The clock reminds “never waste time,” The clock and its time will always be around looming, ticking and tocking, echoing.

Ordinary (A Sestina)

There she is, there’s the girl Playing with her ball I pour the water out of the cup Quiet as a mouse enter the house So significant the blanket Remain quiet or a question ask? They will think I’m cocky if I ask Such a wistful beautiful girl Warm and safe from monsters under that…read more

On Some Evening

On some evening after sunset, I’ll drift home on a star. Happily with my eyes shut, drifting through the sky over the roofs and past the cars, not too near, not too far. If you’re awake and you see me go by, wave your hands but don’t you cry, my sweet babies; this is not…read more

A Sonnet?

A sonnet is truly too hard to write since there are so many styles and types. Make it with ten syllable or without? Octave, sestet, rhyme or not, I don’t know Be it inspiration by the gods or the great men: Shakespeare, Petrarch and Spencer, I will turn this struggle over and out until I…read more

Ode to the Telephone Operator

Where are we going and whom are we calling? Talk over each other’s voices and yell through the window dirty like a child What city and what state? Whichever helps us lose the most weight What listings? More helpful than I thought, didn’t even need to pick up a book or ask a person- just…read more

The Road of Speech

When we first get behind the wheel, the herks and jerks of the car give us whiplash. This is the story of how I lost my voice, as one gets slapped when she says the wrong thing or drives the nail of truth into the house that contains the world. So we practice with excitement…read more

Just Taking a Nap

I look at you lying with me in bed and when you look back at me, my chest feels warm. I have to squeeze you, but I don’t want ever to end this link. But your shirt feels so soft and my head fits perfectly on your chest. These arms that rub my back are…read more

In the Midst of Summer

Open your mouth and inhale The freshly mowed grass dirt, soil It’s all clean A cool breeze and a tight squeeze Through the center of the earth Earth Set up and cast The smell of the lake When the fish is caught Touch the cool, rough scales before You throw it back. There’s still blood…read more

Deforming Truth

My search for truth is frustrated How often have you played the lyre? The role of the goddess changes until there is a heartless soul, then nothing – same song after song until even time is redundant so tuning you out becomes an impossible necessary for you’re the one who always plays the lyre