Monthly Archives: April 28, 2017

Heating Below Zero

Carefree days can’t make up for careless ways. So if it is too hot – drop it Or you freeze with the pain of the heat So cold it burns It is impossible to endure And you give up and hope Because you may not last.

Sweating Nick

I suddenly understand that you are not sweating from my body and I start to remember the way you squeezed me so close to your hips, to you. Your body is not here now, just your presence. Even if your body did finally arrive and I finally accepted all of you, your presence would be…read more


The summer days turn into nights And summer nights dissolve But keep breathing The seasons roll by and summer returns.

And You are Not Alone

Something takes a part of me when I see you Old, almost forgotten demons haunt me And I see that you are not alone But you never see me when I am with others If only I could get returned that sense of self that Made me strong, but still, I am barely recovered Because…read more


Iraq is in the prayers of the world, while America is burned and shot down. The untouchables sell their Indian goods to Katie and Jocelyn. Communicating across cultures Bush-isms preach family and blindness while The serpent is stripped of regeneration and made phallic as Haiti riots for water ad Canada keeps its door unlocked and…read more

Recipe: Cucumber Salad

Salads should be delicious, easy to make and mostly – never boring, especially since cucumbers are so versatile. The French term, “Faire simple” (keep it simple) captures this salad perfectly because it takes less than 10 minutes to make and uses basic ingredients to turn a simple garden vegetable into a meal. Ingredients 3 large…read more

Poetry: Time

Tick, tock; the echo of the clock the chiming, rhyming repetitiously against the hour it’s white elegant face, round and smooth, yet, counting away life’s pleasures steadfastly. The clock reminds “never waste time,” The clock and it’s time will always be around looming, ticking and tocking, echoing.

Recipe: Easy Dinner Enchiladas

This is a super fast enchilada recipe that just involves mixing a bunch of things in a bowl, plopping the mix onto a tortilla (or flatbread or pita) and cooking for 15 minutes. It doesn’t get much simpler than this! This is also a very interesting recipe because it is not something one would naturally…read more

Recipe: Mouth-watering fish

When cooking for a big family there will be no leftovers if you use the simple, French style recipe below. For a single person cooking a few fillets at once, as it is difficult to cook only enough food for just one, you will not leave the extra fillet in the pan. The recipe is…read more

Funny Ole World

You funny ole world. Are you dying or are you just being born? In Paris, the African women are walking boxes of crayons. Their clothes so vivid and beautiful- never ending fabric loosely wrapping their bodies. The young and trendy women raised in Paris with red and gold highlights in their hair were raised to…read more