Funny Ole World

You funny ole world. Are you dying or are you just being born?

In Paris, the African women are walking boxes of crayons. Their clothes so vivid and beautiful- never ending fabric loosely wrapping their bodies.

The young and trendy women raised in Paris with red and gold highlights in their hair were raised to have color just in their hair.

In the U.S., the candy man and the guy in the ice cream truck selling goodies to the kids outside the poorly supervised elementary school are not required to reveal whether or not they’re convicted sex offenders.

In Brazil, discount plastic surgery for all! Everyone is beautiful but none of it is natural.

In Tokyo, everyone is so colorful and vibrant so they can be different and fight their oppressive culture. Since everyone does it, it’s normal and the establishment has become accustomed to it.

You funny old world. Are you dying or are you just being born?

artThere’s so much to look at in the Louvre. I forgot myself there and now I sit, lost somewhere between the collections. It’s never been so good to be lost but I will be found every time someone wakes from a Claude Monet Surgelee painting or a reverie while her feet cool in the fountains.

You funny old self. Are you dying or are you just being born?

There’s a monster to regret, something worth knowing but only if after we promise to forget about it. It’s haunting with the hollow echo that comes from the tinkling of a bell. The old chime is like a religion and that is good enough for me.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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