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Legitimate Confessions of an IA-ADD Mind

1. When I hear of livestock getting caught in a tornado, I picture pigs with their little, curly queue tailed butts flying around a cyclone and cows, mid-air with legs and hooves wide, braying extreme, “Meeeeeehhhhh!” sounds as they face me in my reverie as if to give me their version of, “What the frig? […]

Confession: I love when people make mistakes

One great thing about working with the public – the mistakes they make: A customer once called me asking if this 9 foot skeleton could sit in a chair… Odd that it would need to sit in a chair but the man said his ceilings were only 9ft tall. Naturally, he was calling a Christian […]

Confessions: Too Many Selfies

I took what I considered a lot of photos of myself in my mid 20’s because there was no one else to take them. My mom was completely uninterested in taking my photo during family outings so I became the camera man.

Confessions: Big Brother Ponies

When I was a little girl, my mother told me that work horses, like Clydesdales, were called Big Brother Ponies. Not knowing that she just made this up, based on My Little Ponies, I referred to these horses as Big Brother Ponies until I was in my early 20s. Luckily the didn’t appear in conversation […]

Confessions: Saying Hi and Shaking Hands in Church

When the pastor or professor at the podium announces for those of us in the audience to shake hands and greet the person next to us, the inward groaning starts doesn’t it? There is a reason stranger greeting is one of the biggest fears people have. Though it may be nested under public speaking, for […]