Confession: I love when people make mistakes

One great thing about working with the public – the mistakes they make:

A customer once called me asking if this 9 foot skeleton could sit in a chair… Odd that it would need to sit in a chair but the man said his ceilings were only 9ft tall. Naturally, he was calling a Christian book store because we had listed somewhere that we sold skeletons, which must have been a home schooling educational aid.

“Well let me see if we have a flexible skeleton. Wait, I thought 9″ meant inches not feet?” The man got so excited at finding a skeleton for only $14 that he didn’t stop to think that the quotation marks signaled a grammatical shorthand for inches and not feet. Unfortunately, I had to explain that the store didn’t sell giant skeletons at this time but maybe if new evidence of Nephilim or giants game in we could have plastic replicas? The caller was less confused but extremely disappointed.

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