Poetry: Beyond the Mirror

Beyond the Mirror

mirrorDuring your time on this planet, while participating in this earth school
Remember the days when you looked in the mirror not knowing your own face.
You are leading those who feel valueless and unworthy, seeing in the mirror the shadow of life; a ghoul.
Lean on mercy and truth. How else will you model to them unearned but saving grace?

Been there, done that – time and again! Avoid jumping into the deep end
How easy it is to dive into acceptance; the pleasure of self, adored in your breast
The truth is that relevance comes at a price, not if but when- such a fair weather friend!
Someone must pay the toll – don’t think you’re significant when you’re a mess made blessed!

Get it right, keep it tight and don’t be deceived now. Our time has only begun.
New life has only now been birthed and there is still the next but our duty is now and here
Reach the others; the spiritually dead, before the Enemy aborts them, cutting off icons of the Son.
Beyond the mirror is the reflection guiding your actions, the One in the temple teaching how to appear.

Recall what you’ve seen, draw on what you know. With strength and courage, persistence and influence
Voice the message, “You are wanted and worthy! You are called!”
Have confidence, you won’t buckle or break. You will succeed in showing people their relevance.
There will be your power. That will be your significance, prominent and by the saved often

Never will you “just want to be happy and make other people happy” – so trite!
Learn and share, be and teach – through this pattern, you exemplify forgiveness, healing and love.
Remember whose you are and be boldly unashamed of knowing what’s right
Love them too much to leave behind, with your gift of goodness too gentle to be conceived of.

May 19, 2016
Written for “Hosea” in the unpublished version of the book Lost and Found: A Tatterdemalion’s Testimony.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace


Vicki Page

I love this and can’t wait until your book is published. My favorite line – “don’t think you’re significant when you’re a mess made blessed!”


🙂 haha It’s hard to think of Tim Tebow has a mess made blessed but all of humanity starts that way huh?


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