Creative Writing: The Shield

The Shield

Over the castle fireplace lays a sturdy but mangled shield

The shield is worn, cracked, and scarred

Its planks so warped, they look like handholds

The wood shield does not shine like those of bronze or iron,

But is respected for its survival and reliability its given nature.


While other shields are displayed in groups along the wall

Or others piled wide and high on the floor ready for use,

This shield has passed through time,

Retired at the throne above the eyes of the King.


There may come a day of siege when the shield will revive

The battle will bring a soldier worthy of a fight,

Over lands of blood, the claps of sword against shield ringing,

Until those broken by war watch the master guide,

Ferociously pushing through the lines.


On the final crest, where dignity is never lost but made

Unwavering in the night though feeling fear and pain

The battle is won, the shield penetrated with jabs and scars

Forever stained with new blood but cleansed and whole

There is another generation of ardor for the symbol of sacrifice.


Whether or not the path home is the same, the weary shield

Would retire once again to the hearth as it rests

In the hall of wonders the shield beautiful in its experience

Stories of its past widening eyes,

As I sit here telling these tales of pride

Wondering how my sister’s courage never died.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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