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Gratitude Moment

I am grateful for couples who take out life insurance policies on their anniversaries. What a great way to show that you are going to stay with someone until the very end and how much you thing his or her life is worth!

A Christian Parable

Let’s start with the definition of a parable. It’s often allegorical and seemingly simple. However, the purpose of the story is to teach lessons – moral, faith based, spiritual and scholastic types. Jesus was known for teaching in parables (he taught 46 of them!) and there are many examples of them in the Bible’s Gospels. […]

Clothes My Mother Thinks I Should Wear

Are words needed? There’s nothing like clothes from your mom! If your mom lives near a $0.25 cent thrift store, I know you’ve got some of your own finds. Send me a message or comment below.

30 Day Photography Challenge for You!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Take 30 photos in 30 days! This should be fun – don’t stress about it. You can take more than one a day or all 30 in one day. There are only two rules: One: They have to follow the subject matter of each day. Two: Get creative and […]

When a House Burns Down

Finding out someone’s house has burned down is shocking. How can you help and what can you do? Below is a list on how to help. There is a lot you can do and most of it costs you $0 and very little time. Don’t worry about stepping on toes. When someone loses everything, they […]

Confessions: Saying Hi and Shaking Hands in Church

When the pastor or professor at the podium announces for those of us in the audience to shake hands and greet the person next to us, the inward groaning starts doesn’t it? There is a reason stranger greeting is one of the biggest fears people have. Though it may be nested under public speaking, for […]

Christian Meditation

We rely on anchors during stormy weather. Unless anchors are dropped into the water, they’re useless. Anchors don’t look at the water with fear. They also don’t stay in water forever. They are taken out until they are needed again so movement isn’t prohibited right? Can’t we relate? The Bible is an anchor that allows us […]

The Thief – A Parable

Once upon a time there was a thief. She spent most of her time alone and mostly stole small, pitiful things from those closest to her. She stole things that wouldn’t be used, she stole things that would go to waste, and she stole things she needed or would need soon. The thief stole things […]