On Some Evening

On some evening after sunset, I’ll drift home on a star.
Happily with my eyes shut, drifting through the sky
over the roofs and past the cars, not too near, not too far.
If you’re awake and you see me go by,
wave your hands but don’t you cry, my sweet babies;
this is not sad and this is not the end.
Life is too short to waste on good-byes.

So to you, my babies, my love I send.
Cherish what is good and learn from my life:
Never lose hope since its all we really have.
As the final grains descend from the glass, life still gives us blessins

And these are given to me as my gains as I drift over the planes.
This you’ll see through your window as you lay back in your bed,
the saddest thoughts brewing, don’t you dare,
cause I’m telling you the truth is what you need in your head;

on that night I will head home, gliding though the air.
Pushing past the clouds calling good-bye to earthly time,
watching crumble any old restrictive bar.
Where the road ends and the land begins, I’ll hear the bells chime.
While flying over the trees and past the moon, not too near, not too far,
anticipating with my eyes shut; drifting away from this world.
On some evening after sunset, I’ll drift home on a star.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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