Ordinary (A Sestina)

There she is, there’s the girl
Playing with her ball
I pour the water out of the cup
Quiet as a mouse enter the house
So significant the blanket
Remain quiet or a question ask?

They will think I’m cocky if I ask
Such a wistful beautiful girl
Warm and safe from monsters under that blanket
Bouncing round ball
Look around the cozy house
Dirty water all over the ground from the cup

But I love that dirty water from the cup
Receive if I ask…
Cozy and cluttered, the entire house
She’s little but not a little girl
Bounce away, the lost ball
My very own quilt blanket

made just for family, the quilt blanket
Clean it thoroughly and I’ll have a new cup
Find it and hang on tight to the ball
Face the consequences if I ask
Are you a pure and sweet in this world, that’s you girl
It’s so cluttered and constraining in this house

Clean on a day like this, not this house
I could sleep all over the blanket
Is the water as pure as the girl?
We can drink from this pure cup
Grow confident like the sun if I just ask
The pleasure of bouncing away, not just the ball

It doesn’t deserve it the ball
Briefly leave the house
So whenever I don’t know…ask
I’m secluded in the blanket
Drink from the cup
Tall, pure, changing girl

Woman evolving from a girl,    the fleeting toy of youth-a ball
The forever poisonous, dirty cup,    fear change and ignore the gays, go back into the house
The seclusion is familiar so I’ll keep it forever the blanket,     I just have to ask.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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