How to Start the Healing Process

“But then something happened: God our Savior and His overpowering love and kindness for humankind entered our world; He came to save us. It’s not that we earned it by doing good works or righteous deeds; He came because He is merciful. He brought us out of our old ways of living to a new beginning through the washing of regeneration; and He made us completely new through the Holy Spirit, who was poured out in abundance through Jesus the Anointed, our Savior.” (Titus 3:4-6 The Voice)

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It all boils down to grace. The life we want starts in and because of God’s grace. Jesus’ destiny was to mold mankind; to shape us into His image where we die to self and come alive in Him. There’s no time to do this than today, right now. We do this through the power of the Holy Spirit, moving with Him as He works in us.

Now, the consequences of our actions far out last the actions that cause them. One thing to consider when thinking about healing is the healing process necessary to heal our past. Can we heal our past? Absolutely! We can heal the effects of sin, whatever the sin may be and whether we committed it, or it was put on us by someone else. Once you confess out the poison that is sin and turn from it (repentance), you are forgiven because of Christ’s death on the cross. You will notice that you still live with what I call the “side effects” of sin – the consequences of the sinful action that happened.

What actions can you take to be free? Facing the past, the old man we once were, makes all the difference. You see, when we develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and accept is Holy Spirit, we enter through a narrow gate that leads to the Kingdom of God. That’s not where the salvation process, or the healing process, ends. There’s so much more! Embracing full transformation is what’s needed and that part of a new and wonderful journey. To become healthier, whole, healed, and transformed, we must recognize that this is a multi-faceted and organic process.

Holy Spirit intends for us to be like Jesus which entails being in the world but not of the world and doing as Jesus did. We can’t state that we want newness of life while remaining the way we were before we knew the Lord. We can’t act like the old man or even think like the old man. We need a renewal of the mind.

For healing to take place, we need to acknowledge the Truth and what that means. We need to wear truth like a glove and live by it. If we leave untruth to live within us, it will control us, even if it operates in our unconscious mind. No matter the size of the lie, partial truth, sin or effect of sin (whatever you call it), it must be routed out. We must have that, “Eureka!” moment of realization where we come to the Father asking for forgiveness because we sense that we have sinned and need forgiveness.

In coming to God and acknowledging and even accepting that we need forgiveness because we are broken, we are fully repenting – turning from our sins and realizing who we are in Christ. This is where healing happens. Through bringing our pain and sin to the Holy Spirit, and to one another for genuine prayer, we work through the healing process. James 5:16 says to confess your sins and to pray for one another so healing is experienced. There no time to waste, do this now! There’s that inner fire in you, inner drive that wants so much more and life and you can have so much more. “You desire truth on the inside and in the hidden parts, you will make me to know wisdom,” says Psalm 51:6. The truth will indeed guide you to freedom and the healing process is part of that journey.

Everyone has hidden challenges, but the good news is that there are solutions. Bring those hidden things before God and tell him, express to Him what happened and is happening in you – tell Him what you want and need from Him. The honest answer is so much less work than the dishonest one and the control and worry of living in darkness is draining. It’s simply now how you were and are destined to live. People do shameful things in their lives and shameful things are done to us as well. Let’s change that and bring those dark things to the Light. Heal the pain and bring forth sin into the light filled truth of God’s presence. The Holy Spirit will break down the strongholds around you, He will shine His light in you and disinfect the sin, and bring transformational healing through your entire self – that which is deep inside and what you see on the surface.

Start living this life of healing today!

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