A Broken Song

I know I won’t be leaving here with you.
Adieu et a dieu
I say good-bye and to God because you know too much for me
How do you solve the end of the world by
Riding on dreams that can be
Slashed with a dull, rusted jackknife
Inside its case Alexander’s hiding under the deck with the dogs
Waiting for the men to return but they don’t
It’s a small world
A dream is a broken song of the way you feel
Tell me it’s the road less traveled
So when I think about you
A problem like Maria will move to Texas
So we can finally see Sally ride over the rainbow
And find her pot of gold

We celebrate with gumbo and ragtime bands that never sleep
And the beads are for fun and color
No questions, after all
I touch the bottom of the world and panic as I surface because I know it scares me to be without air
Wish, your heart makes me feel loved
And I know you’re that somebody
So, myself is not apart from a part
And the halls in the coda house are never expecting my pictures on the walls
They are already hanging with the stars.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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