How to Read Poetry

The key to reading poetry is to wear it like a glove.
I know it’s a cliché to say but sometimes the things worth
repeating don’t sound so great at first.
It’s true, when we fill in the blanks with our own
personal touches, we make that poem relatable and let’s
face it, we are all looking for something and somewhere
to relate to and belong.

Even when we want to go nowhere,
a poem melted and pressed on our bodies brings us one
step closer to where we need to be.

So start here at _______ or up there______ near
the place where your dad _______ your ______ and you’ll
start to understand what I say. The poem forms into you
and why you are such a ______ who will never forget that
_____. And now you are on your way.
Just fill___ the blanks.

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