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How to Read Poetry

The key to reading poetry is to wear it like a glove. I know it’s a cliché to say but sometimes the things worth repeating don’t sound so great at first. It’s true, when we fill in the blanks with our own personal touches, we make that poem relatable and let’s face it, we are […]


She peers into her crystal ball and pricks a pin into her voodoo doll All the while her ravens squawking at her looming teacher and warlock Oh what a thrill to hear the trill of neighbors talk as she dances through the woods with the shock at a girl who wears a continence of I […]

The Road of Speech

When we first get behind the wheel, the herks and jerks of the car give us whiplash. This is the story of how I lost my voice, as one gets slapped when she says the wrong thing or drives the nail of truth into the house that contains the world. So we practice with excitement […]

Reality of a Child

I walk along the shoreline, feel the ocean’s gentle but sprite waves wash over your feet and inhale the smell of the salty water, hear gulls flying overhead. The calm and peace feel eternal My thoughts: susurrations relaxing in my mind, no fears, just calm. As I move along, the fire red sun that melts […]