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Check out the below business writing sample for a quick thank you. It helps in the networking process to be grateful. Of course, proof your email before sending. If you struggle with grammar, try a program like Grammarly for help.


Prince Jean Félix Marie Guillaume (or HRH Prince of Nassau)
Place du Grand Duc Luxembourg City
1660 Luxembourg

Dear Prince Guillaume,

I am writing to thank you on behalf of my company, 4 Countries, 4 Days, for taking time out of your busy schedule to support our travel efforts. Your first hand knowledge of Goethe and Luxembourg City has proven to be of great value. My partner and I have made Goethe a primary subject for Luxembourg Tour Points of Interests while the hidden vantage point of the valley (near downtown) has been a beautiful addition for the Artistic Muses.

The unexpected opportunity to meet with and learn from you has been a fruitful endeavor. We are grateful for the local information and the artistic prospects that resulted from our exchange. 4 Countries, 4 Days was able to create a website and several photo galleries from our afternoon with you alone, so we certainly made good use of your knowledge and time.

Not only did 4 Countries, 4 Days accomplish a lot of business development, we enjoyed your company. You are a kind and well-informed ambassador. My colleague and I learned a lot about the diplomacy of Luxembourg and will certainly be featuring it in future tour documents. Should you find yourself in Paris, or in the U.S., let us know. We will rent a car so hitchhiking will not be necessary for you this time around.

Sincerest Wishes,

Sarah Vigue
Co-founder “4 Countries/4 Days”
01 53 80 68 88
15 Boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris, France Cedex 14

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