“The real artist with no tear in his eye and no sadness in his heart puts the pages in the fire and does it again.” Harry Crews

An accomplished writer with experience writing for print catalogs, online magazines and community journalism, including a solid background writing for the web.

I am a Francophile and content/marketer whose haute cuisine for the past 10 years has consisted of chopped words braised to perfection for print and online publications, from Amherst print work to Helium’s web pages, emails and articles – and for dessert – corporate websites, catalogs and emails.

As a proactive and resourceful creator, I am hungry for fellow gourmands who appreciate and want to work with a lover of knowledge and art with a little brie on the side. Whether is it writing about the Louvre or developing “What if[s]…”, I make my team shine comme une étoile dans la nuit (like a star in the night.)

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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