911 Humor

911 4-year-old AaronMy sister and I were talking about a burn accident when we heard her 4-year-old say, “I’m supposed to call 911 if someone is burned.”

Surprised but wanting to make sure he was prepared for future emergencies, I asked, “Do you call 911 if I am bleeding?”

“Yes or you might go to sleep and not wake up,” he answered. He’s so smart!

“Do you call 911 if Daddy collapses?” my sister tried.

“Yes ‘cause he has MS and that’s a disease,” he answered. We’re so proud of him!

My sister asked, “Do you know to call 911 if we are lying on the ground not answering you if you talk to us?”

His response didn’t miss a beat, “Yeah ‘cause you’re being rude!”

I love kids.

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