30 Day Photography Challenge for You!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Take 30 photos in 30 days!

This should be fun – don’t stress about it. You can take more than one a day or all 30 in one day.

There are only two rules:

One: They have to follow the subject matter of each day.

Two: Get creative and be inspired.

For bonus points, share your photos with me or one of your many social media friends and followers.

1. Family Symbols
2. Smiles that don’t look happy
3. Happiness
4. Leaves
5. Morning Sky
6. Books
7. Something Funny
8. Rich or Vivid Colors
9. Inspiring Person
10. Nature
11. Something Old
12. Hands intertwined
13. Favorite Food have eaten
14. Written words
15. An Animal
16. Best Friend
17. Technology In Motion
18. Memories
19. Something New to You
20. Artwork
21. How you sleep
22. Light
23. Your Preferred Mode of Transportation
24. An Odd Choice of Clothing
25. Seasons
26. Grateful people
27. A Daily Routine
28. Night Slipping into Morning
29. A Self Portrait
30. A Local Bird

Good Luck!

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