Sample Copywriting test – L.L. Bean

Outdoor product copy

Pathfinder Self-Inflating Sport Seat Copy:

Get off your feet and treat your seat
Compact and comfortable, the Pathfinder is the best multi-sport, outdoor companion since Lassie. The packable waterproof seat folds neat and easy into a portable day pack, allowing it to go where Fido can’t. Don’t be fooled by the 6 ½” x 3” packed size, this self-inflating little number is L.L.Bean-grade and expands to support even the most ample behind. Works great as a seat protector and doubles as a knee pad when gardening, doing yoga or any outdoor activity. With value pricing and
70-denier nylon durability, you don’t need the included stuff sack, but it’s great for keeping out jealous dogs.

Multisport Hydration Pack

Lightweight Ingenuity that fits like a… pack
This second set of hands comes with two BPA-free water bottles, a grab loop and two stash pockets. It’s ready to go when you are with two ultra-tough holsters and a nylon retention collar that secure bottles in place while positioning for easy access. The foam padded lumbar belt sits right on the waist with mesh lining for ventilation. Made with 420D parachute-grade ripstop nylon and a strap management system for excess waist strap webbing, this pack is just what you need. Two zippered gear pockets store snacks, keys, wallet, phone, first-aid kit etc. Reflective trim and high-vis gear work day and night to put safety first, freeing you to focus on your trek.

Promo Banners

Feature Products:

Super 200 Fleece Jacket

1) Headline: Soft on you, hard on the elements
Sub-head: Super 200 Fleece Jacket

2) Headline: Super 200 Fleece Jacket
You’ll wear out before it does

3) Headline: So rugged, so stylish…you might have to hide it when you take it off. <This would work well as a flash banner ad too> rugged and stylish should be emphasized

4) Headline: Super 200 Fleece Jacket
<use with an image of an athletic guy like
this only the man is wearing the fleece and posing like superman. He’s fits the target audience, he and his fleece are super strong but this is also a likeable guy who could be joking with his family/friends.>

Traps body heat while fighting wind and rain
Outlasts teenage boys
Looks good on any man
Brings style to the most cost-conscious shopper


Women’s Fitness Pants

1) Headline: Pants that breathe with you

Sub-head: Women’s Fitness Pants

2) Headline: Fitness pants that maintain their shape while you maintain yours

3) Headline: They work double shifts, walk the dog, take-up spinning, manage the house, hit the grocery store…

Sub-head: Put yourself in these pants!

Premium Dog Bed

1) Headline: Durability and comfort… without the fluff

Sub-head: Premium Dog Bed

2) Headline: Survives the most destructive dogs and cuddles with the sweetest

Sub-head: Premium Dog Bed

3) Headline: “4 paws up!” from accident prone dogs and playful pups everywhere

Sub-head: Premium Dog Bed

Sport Tour Bike

1) Headline: Men’s Sport Tour Bike

Sub-head: The new way to turn heads

2) Headline: Smooth ride. Bullet Speed. Seamless shifting

Sub-head: Get the sharpest bike around

Men’s Sport Tour Bike

3) Headline:

Some men drive luxury cars.

Some men buy expensive bikes for show.

Some men walk.

Sub-head: You’re not some man.

Men’s Sport Tour Bike


Direct to Business email

Email copy:

Subject line (two options):

1) Team Outfitting Tailor-Made–15% off Limited Time

2) Customized LL Bean Products, Customer Approved


Headline (two options):

1) Personalized L.L.Bean Classic Polos Fit to a T

2) 3 Steps to Cut Costs & Max Your Image–L.L.Bean Direct to Business <sub-heads to go with this headline only>


#1 Cut Costs with Bulk Orders
Ordering extra polos brings unit costs down and the savings up! L.L.Bean Direct to Business
gives the best volume discount industry-wide!
Too small to bulk-buy? Read step 2…

#2 Save Money to Make Money
Sell extra polos or use as giveaways to reward your following! 100% combed cotton classic polos come in a full
range of sizes and colors for men and women.

#3 Save 15% on our lowest-priced polo shirt
Take advantage of this limited time offer while you create your style. Our account managers will guide you through
the options with unique ways to enhance your image. Order or call the National Accounts reps today to find out

Discover more about the best brand for your brand <link to program landing page>

Subhead (optional): Custom Wear with Pride

Additional selling copy (up to 150 characters including spaces): Call-out box on the side near top- Need a Quick Start section for viewers who already understand the program.

Quick Find feature

Logo Management: Access to logos associated with your account here <insert link around “here”>

-Helpful details and how to select the right logo for your group

-Streamlined reorder process so you can shop with ease


Is there additional information you would have wanted before starting the writing process for any of the above projects? What questions (if any) would you have asked in a kick-off meeting?
When is the end date of the 15% discount? That should be mentioned in the email to create a sense of urgency. Plus Customer Service/National Accounts reps will not want to deal w/ upset customers saying they had no idea when the deadline was and thought that they could… Date= better user experience.

Do terms and conditions need to be mentions in the email?

Would this email go to customers who have already received an email introducing the personalization program? Will this email follow, or be followed by, other products within the program or will it stand alone as a representation of the program? Knowing this completely changes the focus of the messaging… How has the list been segmented- who is the specific audience?

Can I assume that it is always beneficial promote bulk buys when possible?

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