Copywriting Interview and Test from CBD 4 Years Ago

What’s one of your favorite books right now, and why?

Crash test dummies are life savers.

To me, the For Dummies books are exactly that. The best-selling series is my generation’s “Peyton Place-” Everybody’s heard of the books, not a single body reads them…except for all those invisible people buying the books!

I thought “Quantum Physics for Dummies” was funny- what a great title. But, my new love is “The Bible for Dummies.” Since I have studied the Bible for about 2 ½ years, I found “The Bible for Dummies” to be a relatively quick overview of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles that also acted as a witty (and sometimes outright hilarious) biblical refresher course. I recommend it to everyone because such a complex but important text is decoded and entertaining. What better way to save your soul than to test a “For Dummies…” book?

Let’s pretend: You go into a bookstore or online to get a book on a topic you became interested in just last night. The bookstore/website has five titles on your topic. You can pick only one. They’re all the same price. How do you judge which book you want?

I decide which book title is the most relevant to what I want and need (looking at the angle in the titles and auxiliary information) while considering what I have heard about each book and author. If there are reviews, I then go to the reviews. My third action is to Google search more on the books or call (if this book is a present) the person for whom I am buying the book. I ask what angle on the subject they want.

What’s your favorite kind of book in any Christian book catalog and why?

I want to say that I prefer fiction because fiction is fun. I have read Frank E. Peretti since I was 11 years old. “The Door in the Dragon’s Throat” is why I’d get caught reading in math class and I still have trouble manipulating algebraic equations! However, I spend more time using the study guides and church resources/tools with small groups (ecclesiastical like with my church and family) like “Finding Your Spiritual Gifts” by Wagner. I may not consume these books with the appetite I have for fiction, but like salad and water these resource books and academia are part of my weekly staple.

My nerdy guilty pleasure: 4-way reference bibles. I love translation and feel like I am flipping through an encyclopedia when I am around these amazing texts. Shhh- don’t tell anyone!

Enough about books. Let’s talk food. What was on the menu at your last meal? Describe it so it sounds absolutely mouthwatering.

I ate the most succulent salmon steak this morning, when you’re single you can do that! I found the perfect way to sauté salmon for just a couple of minutes, and then flip it over to cook the skin side down. If you drizzle EVOO on the pan before hand, you not only get the warm olive flavor on the fish, but add a flaky crunch to the skin. Imagine dark pink salmon meat so moist with a hint of olive that you have to take a full bite. After all, there are no scales on the skin and you live alone- no one is looking! That light crunch is how to cook with oil and cook with oil well. Need a bit more flavor? Drizzle on a tiny bit of soy or even leftover olive juice from a jar of olives and maybe even some all natural honey and you have the sweetest piece of heaven that this side has ever seen. Maybe salmon for breakfast isn’t such a bad idea.

Invent a restaurant that you ate at yesterday. You hated the experience. What’s the restaurant’s name? Persuade me, with five good one-sentence reasons, why I should never go there. Make me laugh.

1.) Never in my life have I imagined that Cozy Kitchen Café, or any restaurant, would station their food prep area and dining room around a bathroom with septic problems.

2.) I know Pont Neuf is inexpensive considering that it is a real French bistro, but does Pierre the little brown mouse who ran under my table not get enough food from the back alley?

3.) Open air restaurants and bistros are so nice on a warm summer night unless that little brown mouse, Pierre, is being chased and EATEN by Giuseppe, the cat who I named after the Italian restaurant next door.

4.) When you’re steak is as raw as the mouse being attacked under your table, you really just want a bigger glass of wine.

5.) When the waiter pours hot soup and then an icy drink on your lap, they bring you extra napkins to stuff in your pants so when you leave, other customers think you’ve found a creative way to shop lift napkins and toilet paper.

Compose a print ad for your favorite vegetable or fruit. Your aim is to promote the purchase and consumption of your foodstuff for good health. You need a short headline and several sentences of copy. Make it sell!

Sea Buckthorn – The Beauty Berry

This little beauty builds collagen and promotes overall skin health reducing fine lines and wrinkles and stops inflammation in a snap.
If being rich in Omega 3-6-9 isn’t enough, Dr. Oz has started promoting Sea Buckthorn as safe, vitamin enriched way to lose weight.

OOPS! The American Fruit and Vegetable Council changed their mind. They don’t want to stress health in their ad campaign. They want to stress the economical price. So sorry, but you’ll have to completely rewrite your ad!

Sea Buckthorn – Drink it fast or make it last

Recession proof your diet! Add just a nip of Sea Buckthorn syrup into your diet to get the health benefits of sea buckthorn without the cost of high-priced supplements or whole berries. A little goes a long way when you take this concentrate with a glass of water. Promote collagen development in skin, add omegas 3-6-9 and even drop a few pounds for just a few dollars.

The next CBD Regular catalog needs copy on a new edition of Goldilocks & the Three Bears, edited by Dietrich Schneider and Mavis D’Oro. Here are the specifications:

Hardcover • 472 pages • 27 color woodcuts by the well-known artist, Ursula Major • annotations on every page by conservative scholars • extra-large print • marginal cross-references • exhaustive bibliography and index • published by Black Forest Books

Write an ad to market this title successfully. Make sure to match our Regular catalog format. (See page A21 for examples.)

This extra-large print version of the classic tale will leave you feeling just right. Conservative scholars offer annotations on every page, ensuring your little ones are not lead astray. For mature readers looking for quick finds and a quality read: Marginal cross-references and an exhaustive bibliography. With 27 color woodcuts by artist Ursula Major, kids get to interact with the story! 472 pages, hardcover from Black Forest Books.

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