Chicken Scratch

Hackneyed words and other commonalties
Great Greek God piercing the sky with his lightening bolts
Ooggling their goodies with our desperate eyes
Cookies stuck to the pan because we didn’t grease the pan
Hurt me more; go ahead, I deserve it
Sorry not this time, not anymore
Linus and Lucy playing on the Piano the notes on the page engrained
In my brain, the music dancing in my brain so loud
Yo-yos and all the amazing tricks they do
Cartwheel contests until Angela came along and showed the girls
Up with her back flips
Mud pies are fun and boogers are no longer food
Victorian lace is so pretty but so scratchy
Silk is so soft, sometimes too soft- wrapping cotton linens
around my naked body after a shower is like resting in a cloud
Here I am, as random as a thought.

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From Bad Dirt during Winter's Bone and Saved by the Holy Spirit's Redeeming Grace

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