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A Church Sacrament is an outward sign of grace.

There is this sacramental idea that marriage, though not one of the Lord’s sacraments, is still an important sacrament and has an ordo salutis (Latin for order of salvation) as the other sacraments do.

An example might be: When we are emptied of ourselves, our egos. After that dying to self, we must be resurrected (Baptism) and sanctified, also known as being justified. If I’ve got that right, than a holy matrimony (getting covenanted) would involve the same thing we do during salvation but at a more micro level. Joining together as one, per Scripture, would involve being baptized together as one and taking communion with the Lord together.

We must do this with other important biblical and godly events too, right?

Theopedia looks like a good layman’s page to help define and give examples of Christian sacraments.

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