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Lost and Found

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\ˌta-tər-di-ˈmāl-yən, -ˈmal-, -ˈma-lē-ən\
: a person dressed in ragged
clothing : RAGAMUFFIN


Lost and Found is the fascinating true story of Sarah Lacey, a tough minded and persevering straight shooter. Her gritty and passionate experience of pushing beyond victimization and dysfunction only to be confronted with the beguiling side of evil creates a narrative on what it means to put one’s complete faith in striving to survive and thrive in the world. When pulling herself up by her bootstraps can’t save her from the snowballing dangers from the Occult, Sarah turns in desperation to the Church – the organization that was oblivious to the rampant sex abuse of her childhood. Finally, from sheer exhaustion and debilitating PTSD, Sarah surrenders to the Lord and is launched into the unusual journey of a personal relationship with God.

In a remarkable turn of events, Sarah has an arresting encounter that leads to an extraordinary two year mission learning biblical living from Tim Tebow, who plays a prominent role in the story. Confronting the issue that she only knows how to survive, Sarah must press into the realization that despite a childhood of neglect and poverty, the Holy Spirit was never far and views her as a beloved gift worthy of stewarding. Read one woman’s personal account of submitting to the call of faith, hope, and love.


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