Monthly Archives: April 28, 2017

Journey of the Balloon

I feel excited as I start to float I want the whole world to look at me to see that I can fly Free to go wherever the wind guides me. To drift like a current of air so high it hurts my belly to swell that much I can reach out with my drawstrings…read more


I smell like the ocean I taste like the sea My folds are smooth Like the ripples of the ocean floor Formed like the sea.

The Maker

My words come alive at night. Sometimes they blossom like a nascent flower, sometimes they scurry through my head like a frenzy of ants. curious lines so different from one another, yet always there, a tiny connection. My words live and die through my hands, through my fingers. The words that form in my brain,…read more

An Old College Poem

You’ll never know That I’m only here Because of you. I’ll never tell you that I live because of you. My mother, my brother My sister, my friends My father, my people. I live only for the people Who cry when others feel pain They would cry if I left. I can’t cause others pain….read more

Reality of a Child

I walk along the shoreline, feel the ocean’s gentle but sprite waves wash over your feet and inhale the smell of the salty water, hear gulls flying overhead. The calm and peace feel eternal My thoughts: susurrations relaxing in my mind, no fears, just calm. As I move along, the fire red sun that melts…read more


A lion sleeps and twitches. A mystery book’s chapters unfurl From an ocean of blue-green And form knee high grass, blowing Through the breeze. Can the lion catch Prey after sleeping so sound? Why are you disturbing Me while I’m writing? You know I hate that, especially when I’m on a roll mmm…rolls, warm with…read more

On Dealing with a Jerk

Really look into his eyes, Down into the deepest depth. Of course, this is metaphorical. Just get away from him, then do your soul searching.


You believe that life is long, then you die you believe that after you die, your body sits in the ground But the living are ephemeral and their time is not saved but spent Your body depletes until it is earth But the soul is static in the universe and it sheds the body like…read more

The Reflecting Darkness

They look at him His face covered by a dark veil Incomprehensive They analyze him Why is he hiding? What has he done? They look at him His face covered by a veil Incomprehensive He analyzes them He sees that the people around him are dark He looks at them as they hide behind their…read more